I would just like to say how thankful I am that I bumped into Rachel in the woods while she was exercising someone elses dogs.  


I was coming to the end of 13 months maternity leave, and aside from worrying about leaving my beautiful baby all day, I was concerned about how the change in circumstances would affect my two beloved hounds.

My husband had started a new job over the summer; meaning he would now be out of the house for almost 11 hours a day (previously he worked from home so they had someone there all day to supervise their snoozing on the sofa), and I would also be returning to work, albeit part time, and out of the house for just over 9 hours a day - this, in my mind, is far too long to be leaving my rather company-dependent canines!  

Rachel really helped put me at ease, knowing that they would have about 4/5 hours on their own (which is what they are more used to when they are left) with a lovely run in the middle of their day, just helped me to have one less thing to worry about.  After I first contacted her, she came over to meet the dogs, get a feel for her 'entrance-routine' (not a dance, unfortunately) and their likes/ dislikes etc.  I was sent regular texts and photos of my two furry best friends while they were with her, and felt assured and happy that they were being cared for.  

After engaging Rachel's Rambling Rovers, we quickly cancelled our kennel booking for the weekend we got married and booked them in with Rachel for three nights - knowing that the home from home environment would suit (our previously never been to kennels before AND very spoilt) dogs better.  Again, this was another weight off my mind for the wedding weekend and it was lovely to receive a photo of my two taking over Rachel's sofa!


All in all, I found Rachel to be incredibly helpful and reactive to my haphazard weekly planning, plus very good value.  Rachel is reassuringly dedicated to building a successful business, which is demonstrated by her commitment, kindness and professionalism.


Thanks Rachel, and good luck for the future.

Laura, owner of Bertie & Bella, Dec 2018