Details for you and your pet - form for completion

We request that all pet owners complete the attached form (Word doc format or pdf for Apple users) and return it to us either by email or post prior to any service being provided by Rachel's Rambling Rovers. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns with the form.

The 2nd pdf file shows the completed qualifications and licence certificate.

Insurance certification is on display at my home and can be provided on request.

The small print / T's & C's - please refer to Owners form for full details
  • We will provide our services in a caring and reliable way.

  • We reserve the right to cancel the agreement/contract at any time if the animal does not respond well to us or our pet/resident dogs (2 neutered male springer spaniels).

  • We ask that all dogs left in our care are sociable with other dogs and children.

  • For the safety of the dog walker and the animal, we may make the decision to cut short a walk if necessary due to extreme weather conditions.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept dogs in season.

  • We will also not take in any banned breeds or dogs detailed in the dangerous dog act, for example Pit Bull Terrier.

  • We will not be responsible for any veterinary bills for the animal, no matter how they occur, whilst in our care. 

  • We request that all animals are up-to-date with flea treatment, worming and vaccinations, also that they are in good health and have a good behavioural condition. 

  • We cannot be held liable for any injury to, or loss or death of an animal, whether inside or outside your home.

  • Unless agreed by you all dogs will remain on a lead at all times outside the home.

  • We will not walk more than six dogs together (as per insurance), at any one time.

  • For the dogs health and wellbeing, all boarding dogs will be walked twice in 24 hours period for a minimum of 20 mins per walk unless less is requested by you. 

  • If access to your home is involved, we are not responsible for any damage to your property.

  • All existing medical conditions must be advised at the time of booking and if the animal has any kind of infectious condition, we reserve the right to refuse to look after the animal.

  • For overnight boarding, if a holiday is shortened or cut short for any reason, no reductions in fee will be made.

  • We ask for authorisation to handle any emergencies that may arise, but we will make every effort to contact you.

  • We request that all essential items for the animal’s care, for example food, treats, bedding are provided by yourself.

  • As per the regulations, we will not confine any dog in a crate for longer than three hours in any 24-hour period.

  • No dog will be kept in a crate unless it is already habituated to it; a crate forms part of the normal routine for the dog and we have the owners consent to the use of a crate.  Crates must be provided by the owner if required.

  • We request that you have a responsible backup person to take care of the house and animals in the event of unforeseen circumstances

  • We ask that dog walking cancellations are made at a day’s notice or the normal fee will be charged.

  • We reserve the right to deny or stop a service because of financial concerns, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations or safety issues.

  • We require that for pet sitting services, payment is made in advance (preferably by online/internet banking, cheques are not accepted)